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Winter Sports

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From early November to late January, students in upper grades can participate in a number of athletic teams on behalf of their school.  To participate in these co-curricular programs students must have a completed sports packet on file with Red Bank.  This packet includes a medical waiver of liability, proof of insurance, warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest, warning signs of a concussion, acknowledgment of rules and the risks of opioid use as well as authorized individuals for pick up. 

Wrestling Coaches:

Erin Walbeck  [email protected]               Clint Walbeck    [email protected]

Anthony Martino  [email protected]

Boys Basketball Coaches:

McKay Lyons  [email protected]                Bill Olson  [email protected]     

Russell Halterman  [email protected] 

Girls Basketball Coaches:

Nick Gonzalez  [email protected]    Tarren Waer  [email protected]   

Megan King  [email protected] 


Winter Sports:  Wrestling, Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball

Wrestling-Game Times: JV @ 2:00, Varsity @ 3:00
Boys Basketball-Game Times: JV @ 2:00, Varsity @ 3:15
Girls Basketball-Game Times: JV @ 2:00, Varsity @ 2:15
Pre Season Tournaments: 11/15/19 
** Wrestling Tournament @ CHS 9:30-2:00
** Girls Basketball Tournament @ Sierra Vista 2:00-4:00
** Boys Basketball Tournament @ Red Bank 2:00-4:00 
Regular Season Winter Schedule:
11/21/19 Gettysburg @ Red Bank
12/6/19   Clovis Elementary @ Red Bank
12/13/19 Sierra Vista @ Red Bank 
12/19/19 Red Bank @ Weldon
1/10/20 Red Bank @ Jefferson
1/17/20 Red Bank @ Cedarwood
Area Championships and Cross Area Games: 
1/23/20 (Thursday) Cross Area Games @ TBA 
1/24/20 (Friday) District Championships @ CHS

Y's Men Wrestling Championships
 1/25/20 (Friday) Y's Men Wrestling Championships @ CWHS
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