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What is Gate?

The Clovis Unified School District GATE Program is designed to provide differentiated instruction and extended learning opportunities for students who have demonstrated exceptional abilities and whose educational needs may not be fully met without modifications of the regular education program. Students participating in the GATE program should and will have access to persons, experiences, relationships, materials, and ideas for expanding their awareness. Each student must be offered an educational opportunity commensurate with his or her needs and abilities. Students shall be given the benefit of an educational program designed to suit their capabilities and encouraged to develop themselves fully.

Each of the District's schools - elementary (K-6), intermediate (7-8), or high school (9-12) - plans and implements its own GATE program according to the needs of the students at that site. Students in grades 4 through 12 may be considered for GATE eligibility in Clovis Unified at any time.

How Do I Join GATE?

Clovis Unified has developed specific criteria for identifying a small number of students whose outstanding capabilities require qualitatively differentiated curriculum.  The GATE evaluation process may include consideration of achievement test scores as well as a scholastic aptitude test administered by GATE personnel.  This aptitude test measures a student’s ability to solve problems requiring reasoning with words, numbers and shapes.

If your son/daughter meets the criteria for GATE certification, he/she will be eligible for admission into the program and asked to take the GATE aptitude test. Again, this is based from past and present teacher reccomendations, as well as grades, behavior, and test scores. If your child is reccomended by teacher or administration, you will then receive more information about the GATE program here at Red Bank.

2017-2018 GATE Test

This year's GATE test will be administered sometime around the end of September. More details and information will be given after CUSD releases the test to each school site. The date of the test will be determined upon the district, not individual school sites.

If your child was in GATE the previous year (2016-2017) and passed the aptitude test, they will not have to take the test again; they will be asked to once again take part in the Red Bank GATE program upon parental consent.

When is GATE?

A GATE schedule will be given to all participants after the test has been administered in the fall.  GATE meetings will take place before school at 7:20 a.m. in the computer lab.
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